Welcome to the CloudSpaces project!

Nowadays, users can access their data from a variety of devices, operating systems and applications. The CloudSpaces project advocates for a paradigm shift from application-centric to person-centric models where users can retake the control of their information. CloudSpaces aims to create the next generation of open Personal Clouds using three main building blocks: CloudSpaces Share, CloudSpaces Storage and CloudSpaces Services.

CloudSpaces 3S

Share CloudSpaces Share deal with interoperability and privacy issues. The infrastructure must ensure privacy-aware data sharing from other Personal Clouds. It overcomes existing vendor lock-in risks thanks to open APIs, metadata standards, personal data ontologies, and portability guarantees.
Storage CloudSpaces Storage takes care of scalable data management of heterogeneous storage resources. In particular, users retaking control of their information means that users can decide where their data is stored and how applications and users can access their information. This new scenario clearly requires novel adaptive replication and synchronization schemes dealing with aspects like load, failures, network heterogeneity and desired consistency levels.
Services Finally, CloudSpaces Services provides a high level service infrastructure for third-party applications that can benefit from the Personal Cloud model. Our novel application model offers data management (3S: Store, Sync, Share), data-application interfaces, and a persistence services to heterogeneous applications with different degrees of consistency and synchronization.